Youth Leagues

We’re now offering a short December – 3 Game Youth Session $225.00 team fee

BU13 & BU14 Fridays 12-5-14

BU10, BU11, BU12 Saturdays 12-6-14

Boys HS Sundays 12-7-14

GU13 & GU14 Fridays 12-5-14

GU10,GU11,GU12 Saturdays 12-6-14


2015 Winter Youth Session – 8 Games for all leagues

Coed U7 Sundays 1-4-15 Team fee $385.00

BU8 & BU9 Sundays 1-4-15 Team fee $385.00

Boys HS Rec & Boys HS Comp Sundays 1-4-15 Team fee $600.00

BU13 & BU14 Fridays 1-9-15 Team fee $600.00

BU10, BU11, BU12 Saturdays 1-10-15 Team fee $600.00


Girls HS Rec & Girls HS Comp Sundays 1-4-15 Team fee $600.00

GU13 & GU14 Fridays 1-9-15 Team fee $600.00

GU8 & GU9 Saturdays 1-10-15 Team fee $385.00

GU10, GU11, GU12 Saturdays 1-10-15 Team fee $600.00


Division Descriptions

Rec. Our recreational leagues are for teams that play in district and or a lower level rec leagues.

Comp. Our Competitive leagues are for higher-level teams that compete in upper state leagues or PDL Leagues.


  • Games are 22.3 min halves for full field and 20 min halves for Mod field
  • First Game Schedule: Will be posted online one week prior to start date
  • Full Season Schedule: Will be posted on MySam approx 72 hours after the first round of games
  • Team Fee’s Must be paid in full pryor to the start of your Second Game No Exceptions. The Game clock will start at the scheduled game time with our without both teams on the field. A Forfeit will be declared if the unpaid team does not field a team within 5 minutes of the clock starting.
  • Rosters must be finalized by the 3rd week
  • There is no maximum roster limit but all players must have a Current Pacific Sports Center Membership $15.00.
  • **All games will be played on the day they’re listed above. It may become necessary to combine leagues so they all have enough teams to play. We will notify the team if that’s a possibility for your league.**
  • No Cleats are allowed.
  • Shinguards are Mandatory!
  • No Outside Balls are allowed of any kind we provide both teams with a warm-up ball and the game ball!